About Us

"Eshbol" Company was established in 1968 by Zvi Goldrich. The impetus behind the establishment of this company was the possibility to produce "Shalva", a popular cereal, at the cost of 1/2 a lira ( previous Israeli currency) and sell it for 5 lira. At first "Eshbol" was located in Holon and later on it moved to its present location in Rosh Haayin. Director of "Eshbol" today is Eliezer Goldrich, son of the founder, who has expanded the company’s products into new and innovative directions


"Shalva" is a puffed wheat cereal that is the result of a special production process which is unique to "Eshbol" Company. This process turns wheat kernels into high quality puffed wheat with a rich aroma. Following the puffing process, the wheat kernels are coated with a thin, velvety coating of sugar, resulting in its special, wonderful taste. The "Shalva" is immediately packaged in order to maintain its freshness and high quality.

Today, additional products are available: "Shalva Neto" – which is sugarless puffed wheat.

"Shalva Teva (natural)" – which is puffed wheat with brown

sugar and honey.

In addition "Eshbol" produces puffed kernels of corn that go through the same process as the wheat kernels. The corn kernels are coated and produced in a unique shape and then are immediately packaged in order to maintain their crispiness and freshness.

Moreover, "Eshbol" has recently begun production of puffed corn kernels in a butter and honey flavored coating.

"Eshbol" also produces peanut snacks, tangy-salted snacks and cream-filled snacks. All these are promptly packaged in order to guarantee their freshness and high quality.

"Eshbol" produces cereals from wheat, corn, oats, rice, with bran added. State- of –the- art technology is employed to preserve the nutriments contained in these raw materials. "Eshbol" cereals provide the daily food requirements which are essential for the body's health.

Over the years "Eshbol" has improved and upgraded its technological abilities. As a result it has begun to produce chocolate, vanilla and nougat – cream- filled cereals. "Eshbol' employs sophisticated technology and is one of the few producers in Israel of cream-filled cereals. Another innovative product is "Cremli" – a cream-filled peanut snack. "Cremli" is available in nougat and halva flavors.

"Eshbol"'s unique technology produces "Eshbol Rice Crispies". The rice crispies go through a production process which ensures their crispiness and gives them their unique oval shape.

The quality control department in "Eshbol" supervises all stages of the production process. "Eshbol" is in advanced stages of receiving the International Quality Control Standard Stamp ISO 9000.

All of "Eshbol"'s products are certified kosher by the Eida Hareidit of Jerusalem Kashrut Organization.